4 Bucket List Worthy Caribbean Beaches

By Christina Saull,

If powdery white sand is calling your name this winter, there’s perhaps no better place to find pristine beaches than in the Caribbean. From the U.S. National Park on St. John to the bustling island of Barbados, there’s a luxury beach for everyone in the Caribbean. Here are four of my favorites:


Honeymoon Beach | Crane Beach | Batibou Beach | Enterprise Beach

Caribbean beaches

Get ready to relax, Caribbean style. Photo by Arthur T. LaBar CC BY

Honeymoon Beach


Honeymoon Beach, U.S. Virgin Islands

A top pick for the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. Photo by Dave Herholz CC BY

Beaches that are challenging to get to automatically feel more exclusive because of the effort involved. Honeymoon Beach is accessible by boat, hike or sneaking through the Caneel Bay Resort (don’t worry, you’re not trespassing!). The beach features both fluffy white sand and a beach shack to outfit you with everything you need for a fun day in the sand. Rent a kayak and paddle to the next cove over and explore Salomon Beach – a beach only accessible by rugged trail. You can order lunch from the luxury Caneel Bay Resort–try the calypso chicken wings or the BBQ chicken salad.

Honeymoon Beach US Virgin Islands

Crystal clear turquoise waters at Honeymoon Beach. Photo by Maitri CC BY

Crane Beach


Crane Beach Barbados

Barbados famous sands. Photo by Sean O’Shaughnessy CC BY

This luxurious beach on the east coast of Barbados is accessible by an elevator – now that is luxury. Celebrities and beach lovers alike flock to this powdery white sand beach, located in a natural cove and surrounded by steep cliffs. The water is crystal clear and the ocean bottom is soft sand – no rocks, coral or sea urchins to stub your toe on. Never crowded, your every need is met by an attentive staff that can offer a variety of amenities, including chairs, umbrellas and the option to order lunch and boozy drinks from the nearby Crane Resort. All beaches in Barbados are public (and staffed by a lifeguard), which means you’re free to explore exclusive beaches like this one.

Crane Beach Barbados

Swim with sea turtles. Photo by Sean O’Shaughnessy CC BY

Batibou Beach


Dominica Island beaches

Dominica is full of secret beaches. Photo by Matthias Ripp CC BY

The small Caribbean island of Dominica is not a wildly popular beach destination, since most of the island is covered in dense forest. Popular with eco-tourists, the island does have a few pristine beaches though. This off-the-beaten path destination means that you’ll have the tranquil beaches all to yourself. Woodford Hill Bay Beach is a particularly good spot for snorkeling and grabbing lunch from one of the street vendors just up the hill. After lunch, treat yourself to a freshly grilled plantain.

Dominica Island Beaches

Dominica offers more than just its famous lush landscape. Photo by Matt Webster CC BY

Enterprise Beach


Enterprise Beach Barbados

The beautiful Enterprise Beach. Photo by the author.

The locals always know where the best beaches are and Enterprise Beach (known locally as Miami Beach) is one of the best on the Barbados south coast. Anchored by its iconic yellow lighthouse stand, this naturally protected beach gets a fair number of locals on the weekends but almost no tourists. The real highlight of this beach? It has some of the best sunset views on the whole island. Stay at the nearby Little Arches Inn, a boutique five-room, adults-only property with a killer view from their rooftop restaurant.

Enterprise Beach, Barbados

Another angle on paradise. Photo by gemteck1 CC BY

What other Caribbean beaches do you love?

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