Chillest 420-Friendly Hotels for Traveling Stoners in Denver

By Justin Korn,

Denver has been at the forefront of providing TLC- and THC-derived products to visitors who might be coming for the ski slopes but are sticking around for some nightly tokes. Visitors over the age of 21 are welcome to indulge in the herb known by many names, consumed legally in many forms in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Once you’re in town, you can join one of the legions of weed tours that dot the Denver area such as 420 Tours or Colorado Cannabis Tours. They organize tours for every kind of stoner including foodies and chefs, gardeners to engineers. They’ll also loan you some pretty state-of-the-art vaporizers for the duration of your visit, plus organize transportation around the city, among other stoner-friendly perks that lets you enjoy the best of what Denver offers green-eyed visitors.

For those bringing their own vapes and looking to navigate the green landscape of Denver on their own, we present you the most 420-friendly hotels in Denver. At these hotels, hand-rolled joints supersede mint chocolates resting delectably on your pillow. Keep in mind, smoking in the rooms is still strictly forbidden at most properties so ask before you light up!

420-Friendly Hotels in Denver

Bud and Breakfast at Adagio 

A bowl in the garden

Photos courtesy of the Adagio

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Just because it’s a bud and breakfast doesn’t mean that beds at the Adagio are optional. Housed in a 122-year old Victorian house, lush gardens and sunny rooms welcome stoners seeking a quiet refuge in the city. You’ll enjoy a chef’s breakfast cooked for you every morning plus easy access to top-shelf cannabis and cannabis products from their local partners.

If you book a room, you’ll get a king-sized marshmallow to tuck yourself into, along with a robe, a wake-n-bake cannabis sampler every morning, and views of the garden where you can smoke (smoking inside is not permitted). Mellow happy hours begin at 4:20 p.m. and you can help yourself to cannabis treats, an open bar, and all the munchies you can stomach.

Bud and Breakfast Adagio

Stay in a historic house. Photo taken from trivago.

Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

Lumber Baron Inn Denver

420-friendly smokes in the lush gardens. Photo taken from the Lumber Baron Facebook page.

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If you’re looking for a side of entertainment to go with that joint, book a stay at the Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens. Located in a beautifully renovated house furnished with period antiques, the Lumber Baron Inn also hosts Mystery Dinners and casino nights for guests looking for a giggle beyond the green. Enjoy your vape from the comfort of your room or head out into the smoker-friendly outdoor garden area if you’re up for sharing blunts. Many rooms boast Jacuzzi tubs and all the romance required for the couple that smokes together. A delicious breakfast is included for those suffering from munchies and you’re within walking distance of the best dispensaries and shops around the Highlands.

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Crowne Plaza Downtown DenverCrowne Plaza Denver Downtown

The Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver is ideally situated for any kind of Denver exploration smack in the heart of the city. Jump in their rooftop pool for a lengthy swim with fabulous views of the city. If you’re feeling the slightest bit peckish afterward, or in the mood for a nap, then either sink into their luxurious beds and wrap yourself up like a burrito in their plush duvet—or, procure a burrito from their Off Sixteenth Restaurant with a call to room service. If you’re feeling inspired, head to the nearby Denver Art Museum with a sketchpad. Vaping in rooms is permitted, however, smoking comes with a hefty fine.  A hot buffet breakfast comes complimentary with your stay, meaning morning munchies will be abolished with a spread of eggs, bacon and other morning goodies.

The Curtis Hotel

The Curtis Hotel Denver

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Looking for an elevated, green-friendly experience? The Curtis Hotel is located in Downtown Denver within walking distance of dispensaries offering the latest hydroponic creations plus a bevy of delicious restaurants for the ultimate in post-green fuel-ups. While you may not be able to (lawfully) enjoy the best of Denver’s green bounty by smoking in the rooms at the Curtis, you can unwrap that brownie and enjoy your body high while enjoying plush beds in their stylish rooms. The funky decor and cartoons playing in the hotel lobby make for an enjoyable green-friendly experience in a boutique hotel setting. 

*Cover image by Mark CC BY

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