Happy Birthday: The Capricorn Travel Horoscope

By Natalia Kvitek,

Capricorn, you are all about business. You love throwing yourself into your work, making others’ work ethic look shoddy in comparison to the hours of dedication you pour into what you do. In the coming year, we suggest adding a little pleasure to all that business. Even if you find yourself traveling for work, be sure to insert a little time on the side to explore, assert that independence you love to flaunt and inspire yourself. We’ve compiled a list of places perfect for you — read on to find out where you should go this year according to our Capricorn travel horoscope.

Capricorn travel horoscope

Capricorns love to travel alone. Photo via Visual hunt

Capricorns are noted to be thoughtful and reasonable people, known for their quiet, introspective nature. You are ambitious and persevere, much like your symbol the mountain goat, under even the harshest conditions. Some may find you a touch cold, but rather fail to understand your deep seeded desire for privacy and independence. When you travel, you value places steeped in tradition and history. You love antique shopping or searching for treasure at flea markets and adore the opulence of staying in a grand hotel. You are a rare sign which loves to travel alone and your natural curiosity and tenacity allows you to form fast bonds with new friends in unknown locales. Here’s to you, the ultimate solo traveler! 

Capricorn Travel Horoscope

Capricorn travel horoscope

Beautiful landscapes and pristine historic architecture in Ecuador. Photo by Roderick Eime CC BY

Capricorn’s don’t shy away from planning grand vacations. Neat and organized, you’ll run through every aspect of your trip weeks before taking off. Ecuador is a fine choice for Caps; straddling the west coast of South America, it will take some planning to see everything that will catch your fancy. Capricorn, you have such an appreciation for historical significance so don’t skip out on Quito, sitting almost 3,000m above sea level. The city has a beautiful Spanish colonial center, dotted with 16th century palaces and churches including its prize ornament, the Compañía de Jesús cathedral. Stay at the La Casona De La Ronda, pairing historical detailing with modern amenities. When you’re ready to quit the metropolis, book (well-ahead) an excursion to the Galápagos Islands or head into the Amazon jungle or Andean highlands. 

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Capricorn vacation guide

Prague has lots to offer curious visitors. Photo by Kemal Kestelli CC BY

What better city for a history-loving mountain goat than Prague? Perched on several hills, the red-tiled roofs of Prague will invite you to explore its cobbled, secret lanes and admire its architecture, spanning from medieval, to baroque, to brutalist. Plan your days carefully; with so much to see and do, the cautious-planner Capricorn will want to allot their time to places that will most interest them: Prague Castle, the Czech National Gallery and the Kafka Museum are all standouts for any Prague itinerary. Splash out on a stay at the Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa where you’ll be treated to an incredible collection of antique furniture, decadent wall and ceiling decorations and a prime location in this very walkable city. 

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Capricorn travel destinations

Quintessential New England charm. Photo by m01229 CC BY

Provincetown, MA is charming, quiet and artsy — all elements of a Capricorn’s spirit. This far reach of Cape Cod is exceptionally open-minded with a big LGBT scene and art gallery openings showcasing conceptual art rather than classic seaside-scapes. But the miles of coastline and cute houses promise rest and relaxation — if Capricorn can step away from their work email. Get yourself on a ship to whale watch and wander around, getting lost among the sand dunes. If you need to put yourself to work in order to relax, check out a workshop at the Provincetown Art Association & Museum on silkscreening, painting or sculpting. Sleep to the sound of waves with a stay at the Lands End Inn where you’ll delight in the historical architecture and accents as well as the excellent level of guest services. 

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A scene from Sedona. Photo by Nicholas Balanon CC BY

For active Capricorns, where better to visit than the dramatically-landscaped Sedona, AZ? Take Highway 89A down Oak Creek Canyon into town, minding the minimal shoulder and gut-wrenching dropoffs for a spectacular drive among the Red Rocks- Capricorns love a bit of danger. The city is a perfect blend of culture, including an international film festival plus loads of art and music festivals as well as a great backdrop for some dizzying outdoor adventures. Pick up some Native American arts and crafts as souvenirs for loved ones from the many shops that dot the city selling beautiful locally-made wares. To enjoy an authentic Sedona experience, stay the Casa Sedona Inn: Southwest-style breakfasts, Adobe-style architecture and the magical light of the surrounded Red Rocks.

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Capricorn travel destinations

A snow-heavy landscape in Vail. Photo by Pravin Premkumar CC BY

Since Capricorns benefit greatly from fresh mountain climates, a trip to Vail, CO. is in order for the upcoming year. Vail is paradise for those looking for crisp air and winter sports — many premiere ski resorts call this village home. If you visit in the summer, the landscape makes for the perfect mountain biking or hiking terrain with the gondolas still taking people to the tops of the surrounding mountains. Get your unstoppable energy out with activities during the day before slinking into the hot tubs of the Sebastian Hotel. 

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