Paradise Beach Destinations On A Budget

By Natalia Kvitek,

Have you begun dreaming about where your summer travels will take you? We’ve hand-picked the ultimate paradise beach destinations on a budget, guaranteeing sunshine, turquoise waters and prices low enough to not dent your savings account too hard.  Happy Summer!

Florida from $60 

Cheap beach destinations USA

White sands and palm trees in Florida. Photo by Peter Gordon CC BY

Florida summers are full of sunny skies and some damn hot weather. Feel the relief of plunging into the water after building sandcastles in the velvet soft sand.

Hit the Florida Beaches

Panama from $55

Panama budget destinations

Looking for a mix of beach and culture? Find it in Panama. Photo by Marc Veraart CC BY

Panama is all about the confluence of nature, culture, pristine beaches and sparkling azure water. This country was made for adventure: scuba diving and snorkeling in the ocean and rainforest trekking.

View Hotel on trivago!

Costa Rica from $45

Costa Rica Budget destinations

Natural parks and secret beaches. Photo by Martin Garrido CC BY

Costa Rica may just be paradise on earth. This easy-going country is edged with pristine secret beaches, friendly-folk and waves that call surfers from all over the world.

Call on Costa Rica

Thailand from $22

Budget vacation Thailand

Turquoise and gold colors abound in Thailand. Photo by andre.reif CC BY

Head to Thailand for a taste of the exotic. With so many of its beaches featured in famous Hollywood movies like The Beach and The Man With The Golden Gun, how could you resist a chance to visit? Couple the weather with the amazing cuisine and culturally-rich atmosphere and it’s a vacation made in heaven.

Trek to a Thai Beach

Hawaii from $85

Budget Hawaii vacation

Prehistoric plants meet swells and rainbows. Photo by Rose Braverman CC BY

You don’t need a passport to reach utopia. Aloha Hawaii! The sunsets are worth purchasing a camera for and the technicolor life under the beautiful turquoise waves merits a snorkel and flippers.

Paradise without a passport in Hawaii

The Maldives from $40 

budget beach destinations

The beaches of the Maldives are accessible even on a budget. Photo by Mac Qin CC BY

Regardless of whether you stay in those dreamy glass-bottomed huts the Maldives are famous for, this oasis of fantastic weather, white sand and clear water welcomes visitors to experience serenity.

You can afford the Maldives

Italy from $42

Italy budget beach

Eat and swim your way through Italy. Photo by Daniel Stockman CC BY

Ciao Italia! Feast your eyes on stunning architecture, plates full of delicious sunshine-filled food and catch some relief from the heat in the waves of one of the world’s favorite vacation destinations.

Ciao beaches of Italy

Greece from $35

budget beach destinations

Hidden beach cove in Greece. Photo by Anna Oates CC BY

The beaches in Greece appear to be endless against a backdrop of skies so blue you can’t tell where the line of the horizon ends or begins. Greece is the ultimate summer destination with reasonable prices and a casual atmosphere that appears it should be much more expensive than it truly is.

Sample the sun in Greece

Croatia from $30 

Croatia budget beach vacation

Yachts and ancient walled cities in Croatia. Photo by Elena CC BY

Ancient walled cities, palm trees, sparkling waters and thousands of tiny, private islands dotting the miles of coastline. Croatia is fast becoming a must-visit destination on traveler lists. Visit before prices rise!

Explore the Adriatic

Texas from $65

South Padre Beach

Reflections on the beach at South Padre. Photo by Todd Carr CC BY

Don’t mess with Texas! Texas is a hot destination offering up visitors long stretches of beach leading to the warm waters of the Bay of Mexico. The Texans know how to do everything from BBQ to music festivals right, so why should a beach holiday be any different?

Try beaches Texas style

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