Ridiculous Activities You Won’t Believe Exist in Pigeon Forge

By Natalia Kvitek,

You may be surprised to hear that Pigeon Forge, nestled right up against Great Smoky Mountain National Park, was one of the top most searched for destinations in the USA according to trivago data. Pigeon Forge has it all: bluegrass music, truck enthusiasts and and hillbilly souvenirs (ever wanted a t-shirt that says, “Get high on Jesus”?). Check out our list of the weirdest, most ridiculous attractions you won’t believe exist in Pigeon Forge.

The Strange

Visit Jesus’s tomb and hand feed parrots

Birds in Pigeon Forge Tennessee
(CC) Deb 

Parrot Mountain & Gardens Described by its owners as the Garden of Eden and heaven on earth, check out the replica of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, his empty tomb and his 7 foot tall statue regardless of your religious affiliation. In a strange contrast, the gardens are also home to many varieties of exotic birds which you can feed, hangout with, and even take home if you really fall in love. Visit the wee baby birdies and experience having a greedy little Australian lorikeet drink nectar from your hand.

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster This Alpine Coaster is the longest downhill ride in the USA,  basically an awesome slo-mo rollercoaster in the mountains.. Travel alone or with a pal in a vehicle and go as fast (up to 27 mph) or as slow as you want down a scenic and very pretty mile long track.

Confederation battles over chicken and Pepsi

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Pigeon Forge
(CC) Reserve Pigeon Forge 

Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show A hokey pokey, South vs North dinner and show complete with bluegrass and country music, horse riding competitions, pig races and a finger lickin’ meal- really though– no cutlery is provided to be ready to get your hands dirty! While the event bears the Dolly Parton name like many attractions in Pigeon Forge, don’t expect much Dolly other than hearing a few of her hit songs.

The Highly Unusual

Have you ever touched an iceberg 400 miles away from the ocean?

Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge TN
(CC) Joyful Musings 
Photo by Naomi Harris of her rescued dog Maggie at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge
(CC) Naomi Harris   

Titanic Museum Thousands of miles away from the sinking location of the Titanic, or any saltwater for that matter, it’s not clear what this museum is doing in Pigeon Forge. You “board” the museum and receive a ticket with the name of an actual customer- at the end of the tour you find out if that person actually died on the voyage. The museum has an replica of the Grand Staircase, an “iceberg” and, quite handily ,you can learn how to send an SOS signal. Did we mentioned the museum is housed in a huge model Titanic ship?

Big Top Arcade Cindy and April have proved to be popular hits with the visitors in this super friendly, typically small town arcade with all the fancy, up-to-date games and e-card systems. The arcade has awesome prizes (rumors of Coach purses being won are circulating!) When was the last time you visited an old fashioned arcade?

The Grinch’s ultimate nightmare

Christmas store in Pigeon Forge TN
(CC) Jared422

Incredible Christmas Place  Christmas happens in Pigeon Forge all 365 days a year! Indulge your full blow Christmas fetish and purchase everything from customized ornaments, lights and fake Christmas trees. The smell alone will put you in a holly jolly spirits and we’re positive you won’t leave without buying at least one tacky decoration.

 Join Dolly’s down-home country fair extravaganza

 Amusement park Pigeon Forge
(CC) CMT News

Dollywood Founded by the reigning queen of Pigeon Forge Miss Dolly Parton in order to bring more jobs to the area, Dollywood is like a country fair with bigger rollercoasters, bluegrass and country concerts, and pickles on sticks. There are over 40 rides including a wooden roller coaster. If you’re visiting with kids, stop by the central measuring station to get a colored wristband so ride attendants won’t have to measure them before every ride.

 Get Wet’N’Wild in Dollywood Splash Park

Water park Pigeon Forge
(CC) Flying Dutchman 

Dollywood Splash Country The sister to Dollywood is perfect for cooling off on a hot day. The park theme is meant to feel like the swimming holes of Dolly’s youth in the Great Smoky Mountains and if anything, its wholesome family fun. Bring along some Tums to make sure you can stomach the chilli dogs, pork rinds and ice cream swirls you’ll be eating at lunch.

The Really Bizarre

Get trapped in an Egyptian tomb right in Tennessee

What to do in Pigeon Forge
(CC) Tomb Egyptian Adventure 

Tomb Egyptian Adventure What on earth is an Egyptian tomb doing smack in the middle of Tennessee?  While you may question the logic, this interactive puzzle expedition makes you answer questions in order to progress out of the tomb, or risk being trapped forever.  The puzzles are harder than you would think and while the cheese-level might seem like it would run really high, it’s actually a lot of fun with the guides staying in “character” for the whole journey.

Who knew so many celebrities were living in Pigeon Forge?

Lucille Ball in wax in Pigeon Forge
(CC) MrsShoffy  

Hollywood Wax Museum Finally an opportunity to see Dolly Parton up close and personal.. in wax. The wax museum is just freaky enough to be fun. Stand next to Lucille Ball, Natalie Portman and Michael Jackson and learn about their pet peeves and fav charities. The Horror section is even creepier than the rest and is not to be missed.

If you’re looking to spend a few days, see some sweet spots here to to lay your head.