Who doesn't love a staycation? See more from coast-to-coast this summer with our Summer Travel Trends from golfing Myrtle Beach to floating down the Boise River.
trivago Summer Trends report Mexico streetscape


When it comes to summer, Mexicans are all about the beach, but which trending destinations are giving the beaches a run for their money?

United Kingdom

Fancy a trip across the pond this Summer? We've compiled our data to reveal where Brits and visitors to the UK are vacationing.


The low-down on the best Italian beaches and a first look at the secret destinations Italian are flocking to...


The secret escapes, hidden gems and most popular destinations to visit in France this summer. Bon voyage!
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Is it nightlife, beaches or quiet sleepy villages that are stealing the hearts of Greeks?


We let you in on the list of destinations that belong on every Spaniard's bucket list, whether it be at the beach, in the city or off the beaten track...
trivago Summer Trends report Portugal ceramic tiles


Divine beaches, fresh caught seafood and long nights serenaded by Fado music. Welcome to the perfect summer holiday.